What you can expect from NAEAA:
Outstanding networking opportunities.
Increased access to information about  the equine  academic discipline.
The ability to share information with, and gather   information from, those working in
the equine academic field.
A collaborative environment with professionals interested in improving and promoting
the equine academic discipline
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National Association of
Equine Affiliated Academics
NAEAA encourages and facilitates increased cooperation and information sharing
on a national and international level between colleges and universities
with programs in the equine discipline.
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NAEAA 2019 - June 2-3

In Conjunction with
Equine Science Society (ESS)
Asheville, NC

Engaging workshops and collaborative discussions!

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NAEAA Association Goals:
Current and long term Goals include:
Provide a venue for sharing ideas, concerns, and information
Provide assistance to colleges and programs looking to develop, expand and
continually improve.
Develop a database of best practices ranging from number of students in a
riding class to ways to work with animal rights activities on or near a campus
Provide assistance to faculty/staff looking to develop program quality standards
for their own personal assessment and/or for required assessment through
internal and external academic review processes
Development of international internship opportunities for students in member
Development of faculty exchange programs amongst member institutions