National Incoming Equine Student Survey - occurs at the start of each Fall term
National Graduating Equine Student Survey - occurs at the close of each
Spring term
National Alumni Survey for graduates from Equine Affiliated programs - under
Institutional Data Exchange   - Be sure to complete your NAEAA Database
Exchange Form! (see Member Resources Page to download form)
NAEAA Meetings and Conferences - NAEAA meetings in 'even' years are
hosted by a member institution; 'odd year' meetings are held in conjunction with
the Equine Science Society (ESS)
Working Groups for collaborative research are now active!  Contact us if you
are interested in joining one or more of these Pilot Project working groups:  
Indicators of Excellence; Incoming New Student Assessment; Exiting Student
Assessment; Alumni Assessment; educational materials  pertaining to equine
NAEAA 2013 - Held at the ESS meeting May 28-31, 2013 Ruidoso, New Mexico
NAEAA 2014 - TBA - hosted by an NAEAA member insitution
NAEAA $1,000 Champion of Equine Service Scholarship Sponsored By The
EQUUS Foundation - click here to find out more!
Meetings and Activities