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NOTE: Most of the 'current topics' resource links provided below relate to the pressing issues
surrounding Unwanted Horses. The NAEAA Board invites members to send suggestions for this
topic as well as other 'current topics' so that we can offer a wide span of resource suggestions for
our members. Suggestions from all views and perspectives are welcome!  NOTE:  Some items
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AAEP FAQ on Unwanted Horses

GAO Report - Status of Horse Welfare since closure of Horse Slaughter Plants in US

ASAS Statement on Unwanted Horses

AVMA Euthanasia Guidelines and Policies - 2013

“The Unwanted Horse Issue: What Now?” proceedings from the 2008 USDA forum

“HORSE WELFARE: Action Needed to Address Unintended Consequences from Cessation of
Domestic Slaughter,” from the U.S. Government Accountability Office

“Dehydration, stress, and water consumption of horses during long-distance commercial
transport,” by T.H. Friend

“The journey to slaughter for North American horses,” by C.L. Stull

“Unwanted horses: The role of nonprofit equine rescue and sanctuary organizations,” by K. E.
Holcomb, et al.

“Guide to First-Time Horse Ownership,” from the University of Maine Cooperative Extension

Food and Chemical Toxicology article - PBZ

Rebuttal to Food and Chemical Toxicology article - PBZ

Response to Food and Chemical Toxicology Article - PBZ

Letter to Elsevier regarding Food and Chemical Toxicology Article - PBZ

Example letters to Congress/Senate re PBZ

Understanding FDA animal-drug withdrawal times

HSUS petition regarding horse slaughter

FSIS response to HSUS petition

Australian Food Safety Authority releases infographic placing the recent European Scandal
into perspective..  It illustrates that the nutritive value of horse contaminated foods were more

USDA promotes Horse and Goat meat (1997)

European Food Safety expert comments about PBZ and horse meat

Research on horse meat consumption and blood cholesterol.

Research on horse meat consumption and blood cholesterol (2)

Example of US to Mexico Export Summary

Suggestions on working with controversial conversations

Equine Welfare  - text book
Concentration of PBZ in horsemeat - how much is it really?
Misuse of Body Condition Scoring System - Henneke